When I’m not in the Walled Garden…………

……. I’m usually somewhere else within the grounds. The garden around the house is known as the Pleasure Grounds, which sounds lovely and they certainly give BD and I lots of pleasure & some pain. The pain mainly comes from when we have over done the gardening. It can be very hard to stop. Especially when you are really close to some imagined goal. I say imagined because if I was 20 years younger, the goal would be more ambitious and would demand much more time than I can manage at my present age.

Just as you come in the gates there is a pond on the left. This morning the pond looked like the photo above. After 2 and a bit hours of BD and I cutting, mowing and tidying up the area it looked like this:




which was very satisfying indeed.

For our corporate events and small residential conferences we have a fantastic team. They are all local, great fun and they are really hard working. BD and I try to make the job interesting and we spend quite some time thinking of good things we can do together. One Christmas  this lovely team gave us a Magnolia. It was planted in the area we were working in this morning and as you can see on my before and after photos, it is doing extremely well.






















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