At the end of Advent………..

Dear Reader you’ve been on my mind. It is over a month since I last wrote, but my excuse is that I’ve been working. We’ve had 3 corporate dinners and a residential sales conference! It was lovely to have some old favourite customers back and it was great to welcome new ones too. I was given a tripod for my birthday so I can make an attempt at taking photos in the dark. See above. For some years now I’ve been trying to find a photo service that could make me an advent calendar of the house. Years ago it struck me that that main house has precisely 24 windows. However, I have yet to find this service. You would have thought that one of the many photo services would like to expand their range with an additional product line, but not so far. This I thought was very Christmassy with the Ballywalter Alp in front, just ready for a little langlauf!?


In the photo above I can only just squeeze in the obligatory 24 windows, but in the one below taking in the Gentlemen’s wing I could have a choice of windows for my personalised advent calendar.

DSC_0316I will just have to hope for some snow later on this winter, so I can get the perfect view, but there is little chance of a white Christmas this year. I hope yours is Happy! Thanks and see you next year.

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