Jack frost……………..

Because the sun does not come over the tree line in the Park at this time of the year, we’ve had a frozen lawn for 48 hours. Even though today’s maximum temperature was +6C. From the kitchen I could see the lawn looked whiter than the grass further to towards the southern wall of the Walled Garden. DSC_0005 rsWhen we took our walk  we crossed the lawn on our way to the rockery and the grass remained crisp under foot earlier this afternoon, at around 3pm. In the rockery I harvested some moss to cover the soil in the pots by the front door. As we moved from the rockery to the Walled Garden the new grass we sowed after the big Rhododendron clump had been removed, was interspersed with tiny frozen patches of watery soil. It really has been quite cold! And the Acers by the front door now extra look pretty with green moss.

DSC_0008 rs


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