The jobs of spring …………… and it’s good to be back!

A woman’s work is never done and that includes both the conservatory and the gardens. However, last night 2 garden interns arrived from Blois University in the Loire Valley. We missed out on an intern last year, but this year we have two, Charlotte and Benoit. They are currently working away in the conservatory where JR and I have started a huge cleaning up job. Just a week ago the pond looked like the primordial soup. Just look at it! The comparison to when the Conservatory stood finished 7 year ago could not be greater. Even the weather…. lets not go there!!!


Valiantly, JR had pumped all the water out, after that we found two old aqua vacs that could deal with this gunk. These “lovely” dregs are now fertilising our mulberries trees and other fruit and veg throughout the gardens. JR and I worked away last week, him more than I  – lets be honest! And by Friday last week it looked a little more attractive.


So in the next few days, if this rain will persist, we will buff up the fountain and re-fill the pond. We might even add a few Koi carp for extra effect. Below, you can see Charlotte appropriately polishing the 19th century French Durenne fountain.

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