The Keys to the Kingdom

Some are borne to greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them. When Laura Weil arrived on the 3rd May her slight figure belied her incredible strength. She was very quiet, but every so often when we walked through the grounds either going to the Walled Garden or heading for another project in the Pleasure Grounds, something would catch her eye and with every vista she saw an idea of how to improve the view would be generously shared with either BD or myself. What I am trying to say is the Laura was clearly borne a great creative thinker.

DSC_0236 rs

This week we’ve received photos from a project she drew 5 years ago for her home town Chateau-Thierry. This is an ancient fortified citadel, more akin to something you’d in the south of France. The ramparts have had her amazing design realised and the opening ceremony was just after she came back from her internship with us at Ballywalter Park. The first photo is of sign on the gate to St. Peter’s garden, created on the ramparts of the fortified town. The space had been derelict all her life and Laura was inspired to do the research and drawings so this biblical garden could be created. It is in the shape of the Key St. Peter opens the gates to Paradise with!

Below you can see the photos I’ve have been sent. Anyone looking for something interesting to do in the Champagne region or anyone who loves gardens, should go to this lovely fortified town and see the wonderful garden that has been created there from Laura’s research and design.DSC_0224 rs DSC_0225 rs DSC_0226 rs DSC_0227 rs DSC_0228 rs DSC_0229 rs













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