Lanyon’s conservatories……………

We have this wonderful conservatory which we restored 2008-2009. I walk out through it every day on my way to the Walled Garden.  This was designed by Charles Lanyon and constructed by Turner, just like the Palm House in Belfast. We had been told that he designed ours before his Belfast effort of 1840, but I don’t think that is possible because the Mulhollands did not buy this house until 1846. Still, I was keen to see the Palm House as it had been closed or I was there late in the day, or whatever the previous times I have visited. There was bound to be interesting similarities.


At this time of the year we have a lot of my family visiting from Denmark. A couple of weeks ago I took my sister and her family to the Botanical Gardens. Sadly the picture at the top of the page was the only link to what Lanyon had originally drawn in 1840. Please BBG, put up a new copy, so we can see it! Otherwise it is a wonderful space, very like ours although much hotter. I’ll be going again, Belfast can be proud of its Botanical Gardens and Palm House.




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