Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes is a food event celebrating bread and fish during the annual Sea Food Week, which runs this year from 6th till 13th October. Here at Ballywalter Park we open our gates to all those interested in regional and seasonal produce and cooking methods on the 8th & 9th October from 12 noon till 5pm. Entrance is free.




Like last year we are honoured to have one of the world’s top chefs, the Michelin starred Martijn Kajuiter coming to do cooking demos. We are also hugely lucky to have Stephen Toman, chef/proprietor of Michelin starred restaurant Ox joining us for cooking demonstrations. We are also very happy that Kim Lenaghan has agreed to compere this year.









The Sunday is purely aimed at the public, but the Monday is more focused on the catering trade and catering colleges, but everyone is welcome!



The event is held in the Stable Yard, the Pleasure Grounds and the Walled Garden. JR and AH will be ready to show you what we do in the Walled Garden to grow and supply the catering industry. I think it is vital for catering students to understand how tricky the seasons are and how easily you can lose your crop to some obscure fungus attack, or other plant disease brought on by the weather. We are spray free, but we can probably never become Soil Association verified organic.










I will be talking about loaves in general and local wheat in particular. Here at Dunleath Estates Ltd. we have grown a bread grade wheat that we are experimenting with. What you see below is a sourdough foccaccia!

We look forward to welcoming you here on the 8th & 9th October from 12 noon till 5 pm.

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