Lords and Ladles mark II …….

We were thrilled to hear that Mind the Gap Productions’ Lords & Ladles is up for an award in the IFTAs. We had such a good time when they were here last November filming the 5th episode at Ballywalter Park. So thrilled in fact I thought I’d run a few of the other photos past you. Below you can see what my little dining room looked like for 5 days. It was basically a production office.


I didn’t take lots of photos during the process. The production company were rightly concerned that too much would get out too soon. I promised only to use my photos when our episode had been aired… and I was as good as my word.

DSC_0235rsThe food Catherine, Paul and Derry cooked were perfect examples of Edwardian dishes. One of my favourites was the boiled fowl. Boiling a chicken makes it very juicy and tender. It is something the Danes still do, so for me it was a very familiar and welcome dish. The Turkey bomb in the background of the photo at the top was really delicious and a lesser take on the famous pie which call for lots of different birds boned and stuffed inside each other with lots of forcemeat. To me it seemed like a good thing to do with a cheap turkey, not one of Marlfield’s finest bronze turkeys. . . but believe me it is delicious. I also loved the aspic and both lobster and quails’ eggs are somehow enhanced by the flavour of what I presume was a beef aspic.


My team rose to the occasion and here are Dianna and Leigh in their finery!

DSC_0047 rs

We went on to visit Derry Clark at l’Ecrivain in Dublin while BD and I were judging in the Irish Quality Food and Drinks Awards. We had the most amazing evening, which happened to be my birthday. Derry’s cooking is heavenly and he joined us for a night cap before the end of his long shift. As a thank you BD thought Derry deserved a bottle of Madeira, considering the flack he had to take from Catherine on the programme.

DSC_0146rsDSC_0152rsOn our way to Normandie, we stopped off at the Tannery in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, only a minor detour! We’d been to Paul Flynn’s restaurant before we got to know him and Maire. We had a superb Sunday lunch and both of us chose his Crab Creme Brulee, pickled cucumber and Dillisk Toast.






This is something I want to learn to make. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Catherine Fulvio soon as I want to learn to make ravioli as well!




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