Losing the battle………………….

Remember the Groundsel War? Well, it would appear that I’ve lost that battle, just look at these horrible things. According to our retired horticultural manager T McC they sprayed against it too much in his time and groundsel is now immune to what little is left in the arsenal of the average gardener. Then Laura arrived. You see her below fighting in the battle against all weeds.

DSC_0416 rs

She asked me why we have these two paths, in what was the rose garden? The answer is that these were paths used so you could admire the roses. As you can see there are no roses in it anymore, just paths with groundsel and grass. Well, there is also a camellia border, but it’s finished flowering now.

DSC_0412 rs

Laura asked why we wanted a path at all? Which is a really clever question, I think she’ll go far as a Landscape Architect, don’t you? Because we don’t need a path and in the next few days/weeks wonderful things will happen, so watch this space!



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