Manna from Heaven…………..

We have a real living elm! Yes, you know the type that got Dutch Elm Disease and disappeared from the whole of Europe. I don’t know much about elms, but my guess is that this is a ‘volunteer’ that arrived through a bird dropping. In Danish the seed is called manna, hence my title today.

It’s in an area of the Rose Hill which has been neglected for the last 10-15 years. It used to be the access for the gang mower, but it has a very soft spot which is hard to get across. In the last few years we’ve created another access to the Rose Hill and allowed this area to become overgrown, mostly to remind us not to get stuck in the soft bit which is probably fed by a natural spring. This place, after all, used to be called Springvale and there are lots of springs in the Pleasure Grounds.

Last weekend, as I mentioned, we had visitors from Denmark where the elm was wiped out too, and it was my sister who spotted it. As you can see it has a climbing honeysuckle and some Rh. ponticum all of which will probably be taken away, the elm is the more exciting of the the species in this area. I want to give it light and space to grow. Tomorrow I’ll get JT to start taking seeds and sowing them, just to add to his many other jobs. I feel fairly certain that with Laura there to help, he will not mind.





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