Mid-summer night…………..

In a few days we reach mid-summer at which point the days stop getting longer and we are on the slide towards winter. In Sweden it causes deep depression, but I don’t mind, possibly because I not Swedish. Lovely things happen during the winter too, but we do of course not have the depressingly short days that Sweden does. Mind you, they can feel short enough at the time, but why worry about that now. Look at that sky! The photo above was taken at 20 past midnight last night. The Conservatory faces due south so this photo is of the northern sky. As you can see it’s not really dark and I didn’t use a flash. Laura Weil is standing in the door looking up.

DSC_0320 rs

DSC_0331 rs





She had cooked a superb dinner of Courgette carpaccio, followed by Veau Milanaise. She was inspired by Master Chef to bake a delicious tuille and topping it with the filling you’d normally put in a Tart au Citron. It was very good with a strawberry for decoration.


While we are dining on this sumptuous fare, which all came from the Walled Garden or the farm, EZY6691 to Ibiza flew over and headed South East. I always get a yearning to follow a vapour trail, but last night I was happy to be here in Northern Ireland and not heading to somewhere very hot. Being a cool blooded Scandinavian the weather suits me better here.

DSC_0333 rs

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