Although I love the Walled Garden and I view it as my personal Paradise, what pays for its upkeep is our main agri-business, which is a pedigree Holstein dairy herd! Dunleath Estates Ltd. is a big dairy farm. Those beauties above are what make our world and that of our team, go round. The fact that we on the island of Ireland can grow the best grass in the world only goes to improve the quality of the milk that reaches you, the consumer.

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As a nation of tea drinkers, the one thing that makes the perfect cuppa is the addition of fresh milk. It seems to me that we are taking this ideal addition to our favourite drink for granted. The current low prices are due to a number of factors that we all know and understand. But this poster clearly shows the mentality of a parasite, with no regard for the future of it’s host. The only people making money out of that deal is processor and distributor, the parasite in this tale.


In 1998 DEL built this all singing, all dancing dairy unit, which my son nicknamed the Cow Palace with Cow Café. This is where the girls are milked every day and where they live in the winter. In the summer they are outside as you can see in the photo at the top of the page. Inside this palace they rest on canvas mattresses, that regularly are cleaned and covered in clean sawdust. Their food is partially brought to them automatically, but they can also go to the Café for a tasty snack and water. There is a special gizmo which can give the cow a good scratch. All Daisy has to do is walk up to it and press against it; a big yellow bush starts to turn. Once its going Daisy just has to move around so the offending itch can be scratched. Watch this, if I’ve not explained properly


Dairying is a hard job, which never ceases. There is no cow, who obligingly produces milk from 9 am to 5 pm, five days a week. Animals are creatures of habit and you have to follow their habits to ensure good husbandry. Happy cows equals lots of delicious milk. Important and/or only ingredient in yogurt, custard, ice cream, cheese, cream cheese….. I could go on and on. With us milking starts at 5.30 am and is over by 9. The evening milking starts at 3 pm and is finished by 6, but that’s because of the modern and efficient building we put up to improve conditions for our “girls” and the people who have to work there.

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Here is a photo from Paris taken this afternoon. A convenience store just across the road from my son and daughter-in-law’s flat. Not unlike the convenience store where I took the photo of the Linwoods deal for milk this morning. What you are looking at is the future. UHT milk stacked with spirits, beer, water and wine; un-refrigerated. So in January this “milk” has a best before date in May! This shows us that there are countries quite close to home that have succumbed to UHT milk mainly because the battle for fresh milk has been lost by dairy farmers being squeezed to death. And that, in my opinion is the way we are heading! Hope you can get used to UHT in your cup of tea……. oh, and on your cereal etc. etc. etc.

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