Last year was the first year the mulberry trees fruited. It was hugely exciting and coincided with Ox starting to take some of my produce. This year the trees have been a bitter disappointment, but then it has been the most weird summer for lots of crops.


If you look at the Mulberry above you can see we grown against the wall. From the Royal Horticultural Soc. web-site I can see that it needs to be pruned. So I’ll be buttering up JR in the hope he can add it to his growing list. Alternatively he could teach me. I did get 3 delicious berries out of my little forage this afternoon, but I think we are unlikely to get many more berries this year as it is so cold already. Today it has been around 14C and a very cold wind. There has been sun, but I doubt there will have been enough to ripen off the rest of the mulberries.

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