A new year

Happy New Year! On the 2nd January the sun was shining this was not the case on the 1st. I can already tell that the days are getting longer. I took Jess for a walk at 10 to four and we were back 20 minutes later and it was still light despite a very grey start to 2015.

DSC_0031 rs'15

In the Walled Garden I can see that JT has pruned the pear trees. As soon as we have a dry day in January James Snr.,  James Jnr. and I will be taking the permeable membrane off the beds around the fruit trees to try and stop the growth of the weeds. It’s been on for 5 years and hopefully most of the weed seed will be on top of that membrane.







While looking around I discovered that some carrots that I sowed in late October are beginning to look quite sensible. This is so exciting because in just a few weeks time, day light will have increased so the growth of these little gems then really takes off. I think next week I’ll get JT to chit some potatoes and get them in just see if we could have new potatoes in say April?

DSC_0029 rs'15


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