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My favourite job is working in the Walled Garden, but working in the house is pretty special too. Both BD and I like to share this national treasure, which is our home, with those who are interested and recognise how grand and still homely this house is. This morning we got everything ready for a FAM trip organised by TIL & TNI. Not only were the strawberries from Walled Garden, even the flowers are from the Pleasure Grounds, despite the appalling weather.

DSC_0006 rs

The group of DMCs and journalists were given a glass of champagne to wash down our strawberries. They were expecting coffee and pastries, but frankly Vienna does those better than me!

DSC_0083The Pleasure Grounds are full of summer colour despite the cold weather.  The rhododendrons have done exceptionally well.

However, the pergola looks miserable and there is hardly has a plant in it. It’s also full of weeds because two of my gardeners are off sick. BD, JB Snr. & I have been working like dogs to keep up, but soon our new gardener JR will arrive and my private Paradise will be in good hands again and the rest of us can turn to the hard graft awaiting in the Pleasure Grounds. Although on reflection it doesn’t look too bad in this photo, taken the moment the last rays of the sun hits a metasequioia.



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