The pergola in the Walled Garden is quite a feat of engineering. Some years ago it was surveyed and we discovered that the middle pillars were further apart than the pillars at the either end. This creates an optical illusion that makes it look longer.

The pergola is where I have my cutting garden and in the photo above you can see that JT has been busy pruning and tying in to make it ready for the new season. This is quite a slow job, especially with all the rain we have had so far this year. But it has been done and done well.

As you can see in the 2002 photo below, it used to have pieces of timber between each pillar the length of the path and across the path. Someone however, pointed out that the ones across spoiled the view of the 18th century glasshouse at the end of the path. As these timbersimg119 a seemed to rot quickly we decided to take all of them away and train the roses and clematis round and round each pillar, rather than up and over the timbers, as they are in this photo.

It looks a little sparse just now, but at the height of summer I think it works very well and I will post further photos as spring works its magic.


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