Planning for the new year………..

As you can see from above we have some casualties from the many storms we have suffered this autumn and winter. Although winter is the least busy time in the garden, this year is different. Last summer we restored the Potting Sheds with a view to running some day courses. All the things that interest me will be on the list.

The Potting Shed before work started














Nearly there

It looks even better now and the space works really well for AH, MT & GH. We will be having interns again from Blois INSA in April and May, so we can keep on top of all the flower and plants we will need for our various day courses.

The courses we are planing to run are – no snappy titles yet:

Floristry for Brides, learn how to do your own flowers for your big day

Trends for 2019, a day course for professional florists led by Bea Andrews who used to be the head gardener for Sarah Raven


Make you own paint, using eco friendly techniques to mix your own paint and help you get an understanding of pigments

Dawn Chorus walks in the demesne with breakfast in the Conservatory afterwards

We are still working on further day courses, but the above are the ones that are in the diaries of the professionals who will run them.

Meanwhile we have for the first time ever, managed to get seeds from the Pinus pinea. This is the pine that gives us edible pine kernels. I discovered what looked like the graveyard for lots of shells and it dawned on me that the squirrels had had a feast.

Pinus pinea 

The evidence














It was obvious that the cone had to be green and fortunately I found one that had not been completely eaten. There I found this little gem. The are almost impossible toget out of the shell and I can suddenly see why they are so expensive to buy.

Some new bridges in the Pleasure Grounds have been installed. They look a little new at the moment, but they will soon weather.

We have also moved the bread oven into the Walled Garden because in 2020 we want to hold some day courses around food.


The bread oven’s new home

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