Every night I cook dinner from first principles, but I do love going out for a bite to eat. Free for a night to enjoy someone else’s take on what to do with seasonal ingredients and then as a treat , round off with pudding! The photo above is from a day trip to London in February this year where I enjoyed the Dish of the Decade at Galvin’s in Baker Street. It was the most delicious version of Iles Flottants known to man. After a pudding like this, you just want to die and go to Heaven, so perfectly was it executed.


When I look at the photos on my mobile, it quickly becomes clear that I don’t really start taking photos until we reach the sweet climax! I always had a sweet tooth, but there is something about reaching the pudding stage. It reminds you that the adventure is nearly over. Nowadays I come over all sad and want to capture the moment. So this blog is about the puddings I’ve eaten recently.


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Some time in the spring BD and I went to the Glasshouse in Kew. I’ve been many times because my son and daughter-in-law live nearby, but somehow BD has always missed out. Here are the chefs of our evening being rather coy about the lovely pudding we’d just had. Followed, of course by Petit Fours.


Back in May we spent a weekend in Denmark marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the German occupation. This was a great trip for me and we rewarded ourselves a stay at a lovely place called Dragsholm Castle. The restaurant there is one of the best in Denmark and this was their pudding. It looked so wonderful! It had an unusual combination of ingredient which – due to a surfeit of wine – I now can’t remember, but it was a stroke of genius. I now think it included sweetened fennel.







Early in 2014 BD and I took a trip to France and below you can see our puddings at Hotel Radio in Clermont Ferrand.  BD had a sugar sphere with ice cream inside. I had the chocolate concoction which simply so beautiful it could have been Art.DSC_0156






And why all this writing about puddings, well, the peach season has just started in the Walled Garden, so I thought I would look through my many photos and see if any would trigger something inspirational to do with peaches. If you have any ideas let me know, but my own staples of Peach Sorbet with Frambroise eau de Vie, Baked Peaches with Marzipan Filling and a shot of Amaretto, & last but not least I will be making Peach Marmalade from a wonderful Victorian recipe are perfectly suited to times when you have a surfeit of peaches and that is coming right up.DSC_0011rs



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