Puff ball mushroom

Yesterday BD found a huge puff ball mushroom. We’d been working in the Walled Garden for hours as there’s lots to catch up on after our holiday in Normandy. First we moved half the potted up Christmas trees, they need more space around them. After that I pruned the Black Hanover as it had too many bunches of grapes. Among the grapes I found some bunches that were very close to ripe all over. Most of the bunches just had about half the grapes ready to eat. I took a couple of those back to the house to have with supper.

I sliced the puff ball in to finger thick slices and dipped them in egg, then bread crumbs that were seasoned with salt and pepper. I fried off some garlic and then added the slices to the browning garlic butter/olive oil. Fried till golden crisp and delicious. BD cooked us an egg to top it. It went down a treat with a glass of white Bourgogne . We had black Hanover grapes and chocolate for pudding.



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