It really is the middle of the year……………

Tonight we were so privileged, we had local lobster. I mean, how lucky can you get? I picked up 6 lobsters and 4 crabs from the quay at Ballywalter at 4pm. BD cooked them all and he split and I gutted 3 of the lobsters. They were perfectly thin shelled and absolutely delicious. Why are fishermen struggling? They should be part of a booming industry at this time of the year.

The crabs will be turned into dressed crab tomorrow and a perfectly turned out leaf salad from the Walled Garden will be picked to accompany them. I might even bake a lovely focaccia. It’s the perfect bread to go with shell fish, and so much more. Laura made an exceptional raw beetroot salad; almost carpaccio, but not quite.

DSC_0399 rs

BD excelled himself in his choice of wine and it is hard to imagine that anyone dined better than we did?!?



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