And fill all Fruit with ripeness to the Core.

To swell the Gourds and plump the Hazel Shells…………… How right Keats was in his poem about autumn. I spent most of Sunday and all afternoon today in the Walled Garden and look at my gourds above. The tomatoes are incredibly sweet and as you can see my butternut squashes are going to be huge.

DSC_0002 rs close up

JT is on holiday and we’re having a big clear out. JB Snr. and JB Jnr. spend a couple of hours in the Walled Garden every morning before the dew has gone and they can mow. Fortunately the growth of the grass has slowed right down because of the drought. This gives us another hour or so in the afternoon and it is beginning to look much more attractive.

Inside the potting shed, before:DSC_0001 rs potting shedand after:

DSC_0038rs potting shed afterOutside the potting shed, before:DSC_0007 rs outside pottingshed

and after:DSC_0037 rs outside pottingshedThe Gooseberry bed, before:DSC_0012 rs gooseberry bed

and after:DSC_0036 rs gooseberry bed afterAlthough we’re only half way there, it is looking very promising. Thank you JB Snr. & Jnr.

On my way back along the long border I heard the robin and looked up; Keats is right “the Red-breast whistles from the Garden-croft, but my “gathering Swallows” left during the night, I’ve not seen them at all today.

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