Simnel Cake

As it is Easter I wanted to bake a Simnel cake, which is very traditional. I don’t know about you, but I put 12 marzipan balls on mine. I know it is frowned upon, but I rather feel that Judas played his part and it’s 2000 years plus ago. It is also much easier to divide a cake into 12.

My had hoped to use the almonds we grew last year for the marzipan. Remember I wrote about this a while ago. Home made marzipan is far superior to the bought stuff. I literally use half and half ground almond and caster sugar. Then I add a tiny amount of water and a few drops of almond essence. The reason for the almond essence was that bitter almonds are poisonous and it was the bitter almond which gave marzipan it’s kick. Now we add almond essence because the Prussic acid which makes bitter almonds poisonous disappears if we cook them. So back to my almonds………….. are they sweet or bitter?!?DSC_0003 rs


I was a little  concerned that they may be bitter. So Iwas not been brave enough to include them in my marzipan.

















I baked my Simnel Cake yesterday while working in the garden. This week we have a visit from the Hereford & Worcester Garden Trust, so BD and I want everything to look just perfect and there were some gaps in our perfection perception, so yesterday was a busy day.

DSC_0005 rs

Today, we put the final touches to the plan for Easter gardening and above you can see our reward.

I even manage to hoe on of the rooms in the Walled Garden. It was the Apple Room and soon the apple trees will be in leaf.



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