She sits among the Cabbages and Peas……………….

While weeding the leeks this week and last I remembered a programme about the singer Marie Lloyd. She was the Madonna of her day of her day and her lyrics were often a little on the risqué side. She had a huge hit with She sits among the Cabbages and Peas, but the censors of the day objected to the innuendo, so it was changed to She sits among the Cabbages and Leeks. It makes me smile, because in comparison to some lyrics today it is pretty mild. DSC_0253 rsThese little leeks will probably be really tender and delicious. They were planted by Laura Weil our French garden intern and as you can see they’ve not grown very well. A mixture of weeds and lack of rain is to blame. BD and I will try them over the weekend and I’ll keep you posted how they taste.


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