Spring inside………….

Precisely one month ago I brought five, long, wild cherry branches into the house, in the hope that they might eventually set leaf or even flower! Who knows how lucky I might get. I placed the branches in my best Waterford Crystal vase and placed it on a plant stand by a rather draughty door in the Drawing room. After two weeks there was no sign of a change.

DSC_0066 rsSo I moved the vase into the Inner Hall and changed the water. At that point I did not feel terribly optimistic about my experiment of bringing spring inside the house. The buds looked dry and dark. However, on Monday I could see one bud greening and today there are several. On one of the branches the low buds look unpromising, but there is life in the tips of it. DSC_0074 rs

DSC_0080 rsIt is hugely difficult to photograph, partly because of the columns are in the way, but this experiment is now looking very promising. It’s rather a shame it’s not warmer in the house, as these branches would probably set leaves a little quicker. Still, hope springs eternal.

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