… and still the produce keeps coming!

Above you see a beautifully autumn prepared gooseberry bed! The before is below and as you can see not very attractive. But JB Snr. has worked very hard and diligently to ensure we catch up on all the weeding.
DSC_0012 rs before
We’re now midway through October and the produce is still going strong. Yesterday I picked courgettes, Cavolo Nero, Curly Kale, fig leaves, pumpkin, butternut squash, strawberries, and Fraise de Bois, all for Ox in Belfast. Not too bad.
DSC_0197 rs
Today I’ve prepared a bed in one of the Glass Houses for more curly kale. I can’t get enough of it, I just adore it baked with a little olive oil and salt as a hot salad. Below you can see the lovely little seedlings in their new home.
DSC_0198 rs
Tomorrow I’m going to hunt for the caterpillars that are eating my chard, curly kale and Cavolo Nero. They are easily found just follow their poo trail on the leaves. Makes me wonder if I picked them and cooked them would they taste of kale?

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