Summer time, and the living is easy………… well!

It really is the middle of the summer and everything in the Walled Garden is looking lovely and fresh. In the month of June we seem to have had the perfect combination of warmth, sun and rain for everything to really be taking off. It was a cold spring and we’ve been struggling – to be fair JR is the one who does all the hard work here – all I do is occasional weeding and other light jobs. I’m trying to act my age you know! So inside the glass houses and outside fruit and other produce is forming and looking as if they’ll be ripe in the next few weeks.

DSC02101DSC02105DSC02112I do love the colours when we get with this kind of weather, because every time it rains the green goes extra green and somehow sets off the summer colours of borders and vegetables.  There are new patches with colour, which is actually the next harvest of edible flowers or other produce, that JR has squeezed in. DSC02121




DSC02102In our second year of organic husbandry JR is manfully doing this job. He has amazing patience and just keeps going when there is a disaster in the making. For example he sowed Cavolo Nero, my favourite kale. It germinated beautifully, but somehow picked up woolly aphid. JR sprayed with his garlic concoction to no avail. He then quickly ordered some special ladybirds that are supposed to eat the offending aphid, but they didn’t really performe to expectation. At this point I would have been really stubborn and tried something else and, in the process,  endangering the rest of the crops in the glass house, but not JR he just cut our losses and destroyed plants & offending aphids, choosing to start again. As you can see our limes are doing well and will be ready for our big autumn Sea Food Week event Loaves & Fishes which is  held here  on the 9th & 10th October.


We’re still supplying Ox with produce, but this year we’ve expanded our empire to include the Muddlers Club as well. We are majoring on edible flowers at the moment, but slowly our strawberries and Fraise du bois are struggling to ripeness. As are our courgettes. We will be replacing the strawberry plants next season, there is something quite difficult about going organic.


DSC02119DSC02122The pergola is looking quite good considering how little time we’ve had to keep it going. You may remember from previous posts that this is where I cut flowers for the house. We usually have a garden intern for 2 months in April and May. This year we tought we would try and have two. It was not a great success and we are certainly feeling it now. That sad truth of weeding: “For every hour you weed in March, you save 10 in May” is really biting at our ankels now.






Inside and out there are things happening that lifts your spirits and promises wonderful things for your palate.


Finally you can see the Metrosideros excelsa is in flower………DSC02123

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