Sunday lunch

Today we have 14 French people from Destination Management Companies to lunch. The menus is:

img121 (472x800)

The Rhubarb three ways is something I do with a lot of the dessert I make for our corporate events. The Rhubarb Sorbet is cleansing and refreshing. The classic combo of Rhubarb and Custard speak for themselves; I mean, there is a cartoon called Rhubarb and Custard. This time I have cooked some of the rhubarb with fresh ginger in a syrup in the Sous Vide. The clever thing about the Sous Vide, is that the rhubarb does not disintegrate. The pieces come out whole, tender and incredibly flavoursome with a hint of ginger. These pieces are going to be cooked under a crumble dough so they are softly enveloped. I hope they like it and that Northern Ireland plc does its best for these important DMCs.

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