Sweet Peas

This is as far as our sweet peas have come………… it is not looking promising. Not really sure why, as JT is pretty good at growing them both inside and outside the glasshouses.

In 2010 my son was getting married in May. He and his lovely Anna wanted sweet peas grown for their wedding and we got going in November with sowing. Everything looked so promising till we reached that cold and snowy winter. The Walled Garden could not have looked more beautiful, but it took its toll on the sweet peas. They were indeed not ready for the 15th May. I was however, thrilled to find www.sweetpeasdirect.co.uk on the internet. They came up with the goods, obviously at a cost, but no matter. Sam and Anna had a fantastic day and the scent of the sweet peas filled the hall where they were married.
Later that summer we had a bumper crop and I had arrangements in every room in the house. Very nice. I shall keep you posted on the sweet pea front in due course.

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