Tall ships ………

Part of the joy of the Walled Garden is delivering to my favourite restaurant in Belfast, Ox. JR & I pick the best of what we have. Today it was strawberries, curly kale, borage flowers, nasturtiums, flowering dill, courgettes and horseradish leaf. We arrange everything on the potting bench and then ensure it is carefully packed into BD’s car for the trip to Belfast.

DSC_0096 DSC_0097
















As you can see from the above we try to make it look as attractive as possible so when our helping hands open the boot of the car outside Ox it looks really enticing and hopefully mouth watering. There is always someone from the restaurant on hand to help carry everything in and Ciara inspects everything carefully while Alain helps out.

















Today we decided we deserved lunch and below you can see all that was left of Radish, avocado, beetroot & buttermilk! It was delicious………………….. but no I didn’t lick the plate, obviously I used the scrumptious bread!DSC_0106




As BD and I looked out the window and enjoyed the next course we saw PSNI’s finest on bicycles and we reflected on how far Belfast has come. It is a wonder!

















… and then I realised that we could see the tall ships at Pollock Dock from our table. What a perfect combination to see those spectacular ships that carried our forebears all over the world from the comfort of our favourite restaurant.













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