The Ballywalter chainsaw massacre………….


So this morning after a late breakfast we gathered our stuff and set off to transform the Blob into a lovely clump of rhododendrons in the sunshine. BD and I have to limit ourselves to about 2 hours, but because we have Laura Weil staying we got through much more than we had hoped for. The top photo is a winter view from 2010 of the blob to the left of the Quercus Ilex, the tree that started us on the garden project.


After our early efforts on Good Friday and Saturday we were keen to get stuck in again.


The young Monterey Pines – Pinus Radiata – were due to be tidied up. They are the small Christmas tree shaped trees to the right in the  photo at the top. It was a much quicker job than we had anticipated. Laura’s help was essential for the speed, actually.

Below you can see there is a big pile of brash which RB will pick up with the big farm machinery in due course. Field Marshal Dillon will then come in and tidy things up and level the ground off ready for grass seed. There are actually 3 big piles, but they cannot all be seen in these photos.



DSC_0018 rs

Once the two piles of brash, to the left and to the right of what was the Blob, have gone they will not spoil the view. By this time next year you will not be able to see anything out of place when you look out of the window of the kitchen. The Blob will be gone and the red bark of the Rhododendrons will be visible from Ballywalter Park. Thank you Laura!

DSC_0030 rs










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