The future and the past…………..

No sooner is one event over than we start planning another. The photo above is one of the staff at Dunleath Estates Ltd. in Downpatrick, now the Down Arts Centre.



Whilst getting ready for the European Heritage Open Days I was looking for something in the archive room when I stumbled on this menu! It was tucked into an old cellar book and fluttered out as I moved the book to a safer place. It immediately set me thinking about how we should mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. We don’t know who Miss Judy or Mr. Huz were, but BD thinks that Master Sandy was a cousin of his fathers’ known as Sandy Saunderson.


I also found a box containing all the bills for what was eaten and drunk at Ballywalter park in the 20′ and 30’s. Look at this bill for wine! It’s enough to make me weep for the deliciousness I’ve missed out on. What I could see from the books was that they bough hardly any fruit and vegetables because they had the Walled Garden, but I’ll blog about that on a rainy day soon.img044






Interestingly, as you can see on this bill the 2nd Lord Dunleath had been inspired by his sons long stay in Australia. Charles’ parents visited him there and the Australian Port Emu 999 was clearly good enough, as you can see from the bill below, he ordered a dozen bottles.



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