The route to the Walled Garden………….

I’ve written before that my route to the Walled Garden is through the Billiard room and the conservatory, along the long border, through the white gates into my Paradise. BD and I restored the Billiard room back in 2004. It looked something like this.














Now it looks a great deal more civilised and BD has spent years collecting NI railway posters which all hang in the Billiard room. Over the last few months he has managed to get a few new beauties. One from an auction house in Denmark and one which was in need of a visit to the paper restorer………… but now they are both framed and back and on Saturday we hung them. See below,  and this is what it looked like while we were working on it.










However, when BD has a project of hanging or rehanging a lot of pictures it damands a lot of creativity to imagine what the finished product will look like. He regularly changes his mind because not only does it have to look good it also has to have a chronological order creative order. In other words it does not only have to make sense visually, the narrative of subject matter needs to flow. So, the final outcome can be seen below.

DSC_0041 DSC_0042






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