The tricolour……………….

After the horrendous terror attacks in Paris last Friday I have decided I need an ocean of French anemones in red, white and blue in the Walled Garden. Since the first French Revolution red, white and blue have been the symbol of freedom, equality and brother/sisterhood. They represent the principles that guided those who started the Arab spring.  All over the world there are people who long to live free from oppression, corruption and with the right to practice their religion or not, as the case may be. We should defend and celebrate these rights, and if necessary fight for them as my father did before me. Last May my sister and I marked our father’s sacrifices for precisely these ideals. Although you could rail against having to live with his decision to fight for democracy, today we are grateful for his sacrifice. He chose to fight for these rights, unlike the poor people who were just gunned down without mercy. It is just 77 years since Kristallnacht an equally terrorising event. . .  lest we forget!DSC_0226 b

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