The Walled Garden ca. 1834

We have a lovely map from 1834 that shows what the Walled Garden looked like 180 years ago.

The original house, then known as Springvale House can be seen as can the stable yard, the pony stables and the kennels.

I can see there was only the main range of glass houses in the Walled Garden. I imagine the rest are Victorian.

The walls of the Walled Garden are in fact cavity walls and there used to be a boiler that could heat them. So on a grey day like today you could light the stove and heat the wall – you saw the flowering almond the other day. If you then had beehives between your fruit trees the bees would feel this heat and emerge to pollinate the flowers and make honey. What a magic relationship. These days we pollinate by hand, with a fine paint brush, just to make sure.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get a good copy of this map onto the blog, but it has escaped me all day. There is no point in going out and taking a photo as this has been a grey and dull day. Instead I’ve uploaded this cheery image which shows mostly the house, but  you can also see the stable yard full of vehicles and the kennels. The South-Eastern most corner of the Walled Garden is to the far left of the picture. It also gives an idea of how close the Walled Garden is to the house.

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