“There is a harmony in autumn, and a lustre in its sky………………………….. Percey Bysshe Shelley

I took a late walk around the walled garden and saw precisely what Shelly meant with “a lustre in its sky”. So on the one hand things are winding down, but do you know what, there are still a million jobs to be done but sure enough they are to do with the next season.

DSC_0333DSC_0332Our indoor citrus is doing really well. My lemon tree is both flowering and  producing fruit for the summer is my guess, looking at the fruit on it. The flowers will presumably be fruit in a years time.

My butternut squash is nearly ready and I happily sent one to the team at Ox this week.







We were at Ox twice last week and I had Stevie’s ingenious hay-baked celeriac. Fortunately JR has planted plenty and I’m going to promote it as single Estate celeriac. All the dishes I had at Ox last week were just amazing. The celeriac had this sweet, unctuous flavour with the trompet mushrooms and black garlic, I was in another Paradise. DSC_0340




JR has pruned the Black Hamburg grape beautifully here underlit by the setting sun.  At the other end of the same range of glass houses the roses are putting on their final blooms. After that I think it’ll be pruning time for them too. We have been growing lots of Kalette. This is a hybrid between Brussels sprouts and kale, but I am not convinced they are any good. I sent some to Stevie to experiment with. They have good flavour not too harsh and cabbagey but the texture is tough as old boots. I am not sure we will grow them again, unless of course you can convince us  otherwise, dear reader……….

DSC_0330In what used to be the rose garden JR is busy pruning the yew hedge. It has grown a little too tall and we thought that the top could be cloud pruned over the next few years to make it less of a big green blob. I’m also keen to have all the ivy taken out at the bottom of it.


Walking back past the bell tower in the stable yard the sky was precisely as Shelly said, lustrous!




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