This autumn……………..

This autumn has been so lovely and it has allowed our hardworking team to do some serious work in the Rockery and along the stream. I heard on the radio that the RHS were expecting the best autumn colours for years because of the cold spring, followed by a dry summer. It looks like it has held true here in the Pleasure Grounds. Every leaf that has come down has a richer and deeper colour than usual.

In October BD bought neoprene chest-waders for the team which meant they could really get going in the both the Rockery and in the stream that runs through the Pleasure Grounds. AH was happy to be out of the Walled Garden which has more or less been put to bed for the winter and of course the work that is soon starting on our much loved glasshouses. She, MT and GH got stuck in to the wet work and the dividends are just amazing.












Look at the colours and the cloud pruning!  The expertise of AH & MT is remarkable, as you cansee there are parts of the Rockery that are transformed.













The mirror ponds and streams are back to looking as they should, still clear water that reflects the beauty of the surroundings. The clarity of the water is beautiful, but we may have created more work because it only looks good if the dead leaves taken out as soon as they appear.


Still it will make the place look extra special for the Paradise Gardening Club which will have its first meeting in January. I will be posting more information about that quite soon.




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