To Autumn with Keats in mind…………

Poetry in a foreign language can be tricky, but even I get Keats’ To Autumn. It somehow encompasses all that autumn is. We’ve had lots of mists in the last week, especially obvious when the moon was so spectacular.

DSC_0303 DSC_0304 DSC_0308

Certainly the fruitfulness of the Walled Garden cannot be denied. JR has been with us for only 3 and a bit months and the place is transformed. From June onward all we grow is grown organically and I shall seek to get Soil Association certification. There is a cost, but I think at this stage it’ll be worth doing. Above you can the technique he is employing. Black plastic and old glazing frames are put over weedy soil. Once the temperature has been raised the weed seed dies and it is carefully hoed ready for next season. Just above you can see our leeks have gone in.


The strawberries in the poly  tunnels are over, but have a lovely autumnal colour and an industrious spider hoping for some fly activity between plants. The Fraise de bois are still fruiting, but did not do well this year and we have decided that we need new one, to ensure our clients have plenty of their deliciousness.

DSC_0315In one of the glasshouses we are growing Kalette. It’s not going quite to plan. In the photo on the package they look lovely and even in size, but ours are currently growing very unevenly, as you can see on the plant growing at the back of my Kalette forest. They are supposed to look like miniature cabbages, a little like a rosette! But you can see that at the bottom of the stalk there are big leaves and small leaves in each Kalette, which is not what I wanted.















On my way back from an afternoon of weeding in the Walled Garden I used the Gator as a safe platform to stand on to pick Medlars and the last of the Mulberries by the Library.

















I’m going to try the Medlars tonight with roast duck. The shooting season is upon us and I still have a few Mallard duck in my freezer, so tonight it is Roast Duck with Medlars. I really like to cook game with fruit, to me it is a perfect combination with the gamey meat and the sweetness of the fruit. We’ll have it with some new carrots, some of our own potatoes and some misshapen Kalette! Should be good!

The autumn colours are everywhere and there are no “gathering swallows twittering in the skies” the last ones left about a week ago, but while the weather holds there is still plenty of autumnal pleasure to be had in the garden here.

























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