Trees flowering………..

If you’ve never seen an ash in flower, then go to your nearest stately home and find the weeping ash. The weeping ash appears to have been a compulsory for the gardens of the stately homes of Irieland. There is one in every garden I know of. It needs to be of the weeping variety because otherwise you’ll not be able to get close to the flowers. Frankly I’d never really thought much about the flower of individual trees, but I guess it makes sense that all trees flower before they set leaf. I really think the flower of this ash is lovely, not unlike the flower on the hamamelis which also have exquisite flowers and then set a load of nondescript leaves. I have one in the Long Border and we chose it specifically for it’s lovely flower which come out when there is nothing significant flowering, but I really think this is comparable to the hamamelis flower.

I later looked at the betula jacquemontii and it has a sweet little tail, but the colour is not a patch on the Fraxinus excelsior Pendula which is the Latin name, the silver birch flower is all green and the photo is being refused by the blog so I can’t show you. There I’ve learnt something today, but irritatingly I couldn’t share it properly.


Aah! I managed after all…….. here you are, you can see it’s not a patch on the Fraxinus



Below is my weeping ash back in January at sunriseDSC_0057 rs

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