I’ve felt uninspired all day, after a sad phone call this morning. I was interviewed by one of the local newspapers and put a brave face on it. We even walked to the Walled Garden where I posed for photos.

I didn’t really want to cook tonight, but the asparagus bed can only be cut every other day………….. so as there was no way out I took some diced pork I got from Angus Farm Shop in Greyabbey. Sandra had chopped an onion and peeled a couple of cloves of garlic. I sweated the onion and garlic and then browned the pork. Two apples were peeled, cut in to boat shapes and the core taken out. I popped them in with the meat, onions and garlic. I let them slightly caramelise and added a generous slug of Calvados and set it alight. It burnt for a remarkably long time, but then it was a new bottle. I flavoured with salt and pepper, but next time I’ll add blade mace and a little cream too. After that I put the whole lot in a puff pastry crust. We had this pie with boiled potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli and BD was very happy. I always feel better when I’m cooking.

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