Who needs all these recipes?

There was a headline in T2 yesterday announcing that nobody needs 11,000 recipes. Speaking for myself, I do! The wonderful thing about someone else’s recipe is that you get a glimpse of how they cook and what flavours have priority in their food.

DSC_0047One of the joys of the Walled Garden is the asparagus season. The way they pop out of the soil looking pretty uninteresting, is just amazing.

Every season when the asparagus begin to appear, BD & I scan the papers and the many magazines we get to see if someone does something new and exciting with the spears. As a food historian I like traditional recipes, but BD is a modern man and he likes to find recipes that are more modern.

DSC01430At this time of the year we usually have a French garden intern and this year is no exception. Earlier this week CB’s parents arrived from France to see how their daughter was holding up in wet, cold Ireland. Ours spears are appearing very slowly. So with great care and attention to detail BD decided to prepare Simon Hopkinson’s asparagus & potato spring broth featured in Country Life. It was a triumph and we will be making this again. But as happens with many recipes you try, often you don’t have all the ingredients, and this – dear reader – is how another recipe is suddenly born. It’s possibly the reason we have to have at least 11,000 recipes and I’m sure I could justify a further 11,000 historical recipes.











After the fantastic soup we followed it with what in Sweden is known as Kräftskiva, except ours were Portavogie prawns. Kräft are freshwater langoustines, so pretty close in flavour if not in colour. We served this with bread and salad. BD did us proud on the special white wines.


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