Wynyard Hall…………

A few weeks ago BD and I managed to get away for a little while and we treated ourselves to a night at Wynyard Hall in Co. Durham the former English house of the Londonderrys! On arrival it immediately struck me that it looked like a massive version of Mount Stewart. It’s a hotel and as you can see from the parking arrangements there was a wedding in progress.










During drinks before dinner the sky was simply magnificent. We were sitting in the library studying the menus when I realised that the clouds were beautifully under lit.


The Library very much reflects the massive wealth of the Marquis of Londonderry. Where our library has wooden, painted overdoors, his are in boule.














The conservatory is lovely in the old photos, but post wedding it was a bit of a mess.












They are working on the Walled Garden, but as you can see it is very much a work in progress. I guess any Walled Garden is a work in progress, but some are clearly more in progress than others. They also had none of the old Glass Houses left. Probably a blessing, but you have to work with what you have got.


The Inner Hall is magnificent and their stained glass dome is incredibly beautiful. I’m not saying our Inner Hall and stained glass dome are inferior in any way, but this is grandiouse on a scale the Mulholland’s is not. I am rather happy that Ballywalter Park is not so huge and grand, this is a home and not a hotel.














As we left and looked back the setting of Wynyard Hall is superb and I really hope it does well. The restaurant deserves its Michelin Star. I hope they can sort the parking in a better way!



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