Film Location Northern Ireland

Ballywalter Park House & Grounds offer the sort of versatility and flexibility that Film Production Companies are looking for and we have been much in demand as a location for many years, beginning with Divorcing Jack, in 1997.

We have established an excellent relationship with Northern Ireland Screen and the highly experienced film & television location managers based here. We are conscious of the demands and requirements of Production Companies, together with the pressures of filming schedules and budgetary requirements. Our aim is to provide the ideal location that can be used for multiple scenes, thus giving a saving on transport costs, and to offer the Producer and Director a totally controlled and friendly environment in which to film.

The House has provided a location for scenes based in London, Paris, Sarajevo, Brussels, St Petersburg and Berlin, to name but a few, as well as more local ones within Northern Ireland. Externally the Grounds and Demesne has doubled as World War I trenches in Flanders, a Golf and Country Club, a picnic spot for Hitler, Hyde Park, a graveyard and a rural cricket ground.

In recent years, productions shot on location at Ballywalter have included

Christopher & His Kind
The Undisclosed
Hitler on Trial
Wodehouse in Exile
The Wipers Times
37 Days

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